An open letter to myself

Hey! When was it? The last time you wore your genuine smile? When was it? The last time you said the three magic words? When was it? The last time you appreciated a couple displaying their affections in public?

Yeah. That sadness is slowly consuming the good things left in you. You didn’t even know what in this world is going on because you’re busy thinking why? Why did he left you? Right? No matter how you plaster that smile, I know deep inside your heart doesn’t even beat even though you’re alive…….

(bye. I’m crying)

Everything to nothing

“Yes!” Finally you had my answer.

So many efforts you’ve done to me.

Flowers. Food. Humorous conversations.

We spent sleepless nights together discussing our future.

Giving tight hugs together.

Planting small kisses on my faces.


I don’t know since when was the last time you called me or the last time I saw you.

Weeks ago? Months? Or it felt like years. 

You just left without a word.

Now I spent my nights drowning by my own thoughts

Cuddling with my pillow.

Burying my face on my bed for them not to here my scream.

I didn’t know what did I do wrong.

You just walked away in an instant.

I didn’t even happen to look at you.

My vision becomes blurry because of the crystal-like tears continuously flowing down to my cheeks.

I didn’t want you to leave!

Cause in the first place, you’re the one who pursued me to give you chance, chances precisely. 

But here I am now? Chained with million “why’s” and “what ifs”.


I’m lost!

Where are you? 

I need you right now.

I need your presence. 

I need your warmth. 

I need you.

Help me!

I don’t know the way out!

Which way should I go?

I can’t see.

It’s too dark. And I’ve lost my vision.

Come back. Light my way up.

Help me find the way out in this labyrinth of life.